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What are personal proxies for?

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An Internet user has many problems and limitations when connecting a network - a PC browser. All data is available to the server owners and can be used by them. In order to avoid possible problems with data leakage and restrictions, personal proxies are used on the you-proxy website.

You can understand their need by learning the principle of operation and the possibilities of application.

How a proxy server works

All sites have their own storage point and users, going to the page of interest, get into this storage remotely. Along with the fact that the user gets access to the data of the site, the server on which he is located receives the user's data.

What user data does the server receive? First and foremost, the resource sees the user's IP address and location. It is immediately possible to set restrictions for the region. A striking example is blocked content that is not available for this region. At this address, you can determine the location of the device absolutely exactly as when obtaining information in the address desk.

The second thing the server accesses is the search history. If you look at your search history, you can understand that the server, having analyzed the data received, can find out the following information about the owner: gender, age, marital and financial status, hobbies, place of work and much more.

How does a proxy server work

A proxy server is a buffer between the user and his data and the server. It has the same capabilities as:

  • Protection of private user search history;
  • Hiding the address;
  • Opportunities to work on the Internet for your own collection of information;
  • Ability to work with blocked pages.

The work of a proxy server is to spoof the IP address and the ability to bypass the network security system to find the desired data or content. Also, your own server makes it possible to make deals or agreements without making them available to everyone. Businessmen often use the power of proxies to combat corporate espionage. It is important to remember that the possibility of using hiding your address should not run counter to the law.