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Why is regular cybersecurity training so important?

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The digitalization of everything that surrounds us began more than a decade ago.

Skills and knowledge are essential today to stay safe online, but the risks of cybercrime are always there as hackers are constantly trying to find new ways to successfully bypass security. This is why cybersecurity is crucial today, in terms of literally every business. What is the best way to protect yourself from hacker attacks?

Training makes perfect – effective defense against cyber attacks

Every company should be concerned about cyber attacks today, because we all use the Internet to some extent. The most serious misconception is that cyber attacks only occur in large and well-known companies. Nothing could be more wrong, because literally every enterprise is exposed to such an attack. Moreover, it is small businesses that are at a much greater risk because large corporations have good security as they are aware of the risks.

It is for this reason that even small businesses today employ IT specialists to protect their network infrastructure against hacker attacks. However, the best form of learning is practice. Of course, we’re not talking about repelling real attacks, because that would be far too dangerous, so it's best to undergo it security training. Thanks to such training, it is possible to simulate dangerous situations without exposing the entire company to losses.

Why is it worth training in the field of cybersecurity?

What are hackers hunting for when they attack a company? For data. This is obviously due to the increasing digitalization of our world. With the right set of data, hackers are able to access anything they want – usually money. Security training allows us to simulate such dangerous situations, thanks to which a specialist or a team of specialists in the field of cybersecurity will know how to react to a real attack.

Fractions of seconds make all the difference during an attack. The faster the specialists react, the greater the chance of preventing such an attack. By practicing regularly, the team gains experience and knows how to defend themselves most effectively.

This is why it is so important to regularly train your IT and cybersecurity specialists. Hackers prey on companies that are sluggish and not up to date in terms of cybersecurity. Many companies mistakenly believe that good antivirus software is able to protect them from a hacker attack. Interestingly, such an approach was wrong even 20 years ago – today, the possibilities and methods of hackers are immense, so the IT team must always be a few steps ahead of hackers.

Security training ensures an appropriate response time, thanks to which it is possible to effectively and successfully protect company data against hackers' attacks.