Tuesday, 21 September 2021 15:24

Phone covers-numerous style alternatives

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The phone covers are no longer just protective elements for the latest generation devices, which we must admit - they are part of everyday life and much more.

These are style accessories that complement the outfits and also elements that provide details about the lifestyle.

Phone covers - choose the one that suits you

In the profile stores there is a wide variety of covers for phones, from the simple, minimalist variants, appreciated by the owners of phones that focus on the practical side, to the glamour variants purchased  by the enthusiasts  of  trends  and premium  models made of natural leather appreciated by those who value image, quality and good taste.

A recent study has shown that high-quality covers made of special materials that provide high protection to both the back and sides and screens of the devices are preferred.  Speaking of materials, polycarbonate,silicone  and natural leather are frequently used, which provide protection in conditions of intense exploitation but also against mechanical blows.

And on the coloring and design side, there are numerous options. It has been noticed that iPhone owners prefer cases in neutral colors, which increase the versatility of the parts. The black, navy, nude covers used for  iPhone devices can complement  impeccable formal outfits with personality.

It was noted that Huawei owners preferred minimalist,  slightly  accessorized covers made of silicone or  polycarbon, in dynamic colors, which denotes that these people are active, preferring a dynamic way of life.

Samsung phone owners on the other hand value the image and increased protection by choosing leather covers, flip  flop covers or wallet-type leather covers. The latter are functional and provide, in addition to high protection, the smart device and valuable space for storing bank cards or those of fidelity and access. 

Those who use devices of the famous  Korean brand of the new  generation  choose for the protection  of phones,  Samsung phone cases made of minimalist genuine leather with modern design, which complete a cosmopolitan lifestyle, while ensuring high protection in any context.