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Features of buying proxy IPv4 and IPv6

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A proxy is a server that provides users with an IP address as a lease, and there are many benefits to using it. A proxy as an intermediate link helps to strengthen cybersecurity, assumes anonymity on the Internet, helps to bypass the limits set by social networks, and also brings great benefit to gamers and SEO specialists.

There are different types of proxies: IPv4 and IPv6, they have both common features and certain differences. You can buy a proxy on the any service provider, for example, the Proxy-Seller website offers users a full range of services for acquiring a reliable IP address, organizing stable work.

IPv4 and IPv6 proxies provide users with anonymity while performing various activities on the Web, help to bypass blocking, are intended for work activities, educational process, online games. They are fast, have, if necessary, stable operation of both browsers and various programs. For a time, the most popular protocol was IPv4, but over the years, the Internet has become more demanding. This led to the creation of IPv6, which can handle more information.

The provider's service is a reliable and responsible partner offering its customers excellent conditions for cooperation:

  • provision of individual proxies IPv4 and IPv6, which is a guarantee of sole lease and use of dedicated IP addresses;
  • availability of qualified and competent personnel who can provide assistance at any time;
  • technical support of proxy servers around the clock;
  • offering good, high-quality, inexpensive proxies at the best price;
  • offering free proxies (suitable for sharing);
  • proxy offer for testing for a short period of time.

Experts advise you to check the received proxies in a timely manner, you must immediately assess their performance, and if problems arise, immediately contact technical support. All users are invited to familiarize themselves with the rules for working with proxies and prohibitions on their use, which may lead to disabling the proxy without a refund: the spread of spam and viruses, the implementation of hacks and fraudulent activities.

Proxy server and its functions

A proxy opens up new possibilities to users of personal computers. When purchasing an intermediary server, you can:

  • significantly save traffic - information from the network comes in a compressed form;
  • connect several computers to the Internet at once from the same IP address;
  • ensure confidentiality - no one will know about visiting specific sites;
  • speed up access to some web resources;
  • increase the level of security when going online;
  • get access to blocked messengers and websites.

When choosing a proxy server, you need to compare its capabilities and the goals that you plan to achieve. They should match almost one hundred percent.

Choosing a proxy: basic requirements of buyers

Fast IPv4 and IPv6 proxies with 24/7 technical support and uninterrupted operation are relevant solutions for many PC users. Among the most important requirements for proxy servers are the following:

  • use of IP addresses from around the world;
  • stable functioning of browsers and all kinds of programs, if necessary;
  • the possibility of renting - an individual solution for users;
  • round-the-clock supervision of a professional team of system administrators so that you can get competent advice at any time;
  • low cost;
  • possibility of testing - renting a proxy server for a short period of time will demonstrate all its advantages and features.
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