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What Type Of Wood Is Usually Used In Wood Saunas?

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The wooden sauna's overall design is influenced by several aspects, involving the essential process of selecting the correct wood. It is meant to help you unwind. They provide a warm, relaxing environment for sweating and cleansing. 


There are various types of wood that you can use to create your wooden Sauna or garden room. Check out some type of wood that is usually used in wood saunas. 


The poplar tree is a hardwood. It has a light tint but is normally a shade darker than basswood. Because it is odourless and hypoallergenic, poplar is frequently utilized in medical institutions. It costs more than the cedar or hemlock. You can use it for wood saunas or garden rooms as well. 


It can be utilized for making wooden saunas and it has a similar appearance to Nordic spruce when fresh. Pine contains larger knots that will fall out when the wood dries. When using pine for the wooden sauna, it should be treated to extend the life of the knots.


Eucalyptus is a reddish-brown hardwood that grows in Australia. The trees are easily replaceable because they grow quickly, making them a sustainable alternative. As a result, it will be visually appealing, and it has a strong aroma, similar to cedar. It is also a durable wood that may be used for a long time.


If you are allergic to cedar or other resins, basswood is a suitable option. It is named hypoallergenic since it does not emit any aroma or chemicals, making it safe for allergy sufferers. 

It has a light, lovely appearance is usually of constant colour, and has few knots. It is a tough hardwood that does not break or warp after a few heating cycles. 

Hemlock Sauna

Hemlock is one of the most popular softwood species for sauna construction. Furthermore, it is frequently inexpensive. As a result, homeowners may expect durable and long-lasting sauna equipment. Hemlock also has a distinct warmth colour and a consistent texture. Its flexible consistency also makes it a popular choice among craftspeople.

Cedar Wood

It is recommended for use in interiors of the house and saunas. Still the number one choice for saunas, cedar stands out from the rest for several reasons. It features millions of microscopic air cells that keep the cedar sauna's surfaces from getting too hot to touch. 

It does not absorb moisture at the same time, so it does not expand or distort colours. Cedarwood is quite flamboyant. It comes in a variety of colours, from red to brilliant purple. It is bold and lovely!


When people think of saunas, this is most likely the wood that comes to mind. The spruce is a light-coloured wood that is fairly soft and generally easy to deal with.

Spruce is a fine-grained wood with a light tint. It is a popular choice in Finnish saunas. Spruce is less expensive than other woods such as cedar and hemlock. 

In Conclusion

Cedar, poplar, basswood, and hemlock are some of the greatest wood types that can be used for wooden Saunas. When it comes to efficiency and performance, though, cedar comes out on top. You can take the help of the above points if you build your saunas.