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The path to heaven passes through a teapot

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Did you know that tea is the second most popular drink in the world after water? And that its health benefits are considered legendary in China, the mother country of tea?

Since Chinese have been drinking this heavenly drink for thousands of years, they might not be mistaken. Moreover, we could also experience some of its healthy effects so we can say it as a fact that: tea is a true treasure and you should know that the pass to heaven passes through a teapot. Why is it believed? Let’s find out!

A true masterpiece

Tea lovers all over the world die for this specialised masterpiece, that is why it is enjoyed as a ritual in the mornings, at noon and in the evenings. By the way, do you like tea? Doesn’t it sound strange that while it boosts your mind it calms the nerves at the same time? Maybe this peaceful and calming attitude is the reason of this metaphor, don’t you think? Tea is art, culture but above all, it’s healthy. The wonderful Camellia Sinensis plant possesses healing attributes that have been respected by zen Buddhist monks for ages. Now that we mention, the Chinese have a saying about the magical healing powers of tea: „First year is tea. The third one is medicine. The tenth is treasure. I think we should start drinking tea!

What are the health benefits?

Tea has a complex positive effect on the whole of the human body. One cup a day is good for health. It improves brain functions. Neutralises the harmful substances. Helps losing weight. Makes you live longer. Surveys have shown that 2-3 cups of tea a day can decrease the risk of heart diseases, strokes and diabetes type 2. Are you drinking that tea already?

„Tea time – me time”, aka relax with a cup of tea

A cup of tea can have different purposes throughout the day. It can make you energized in the morning, can help you feel better during the day if you’re a bit low, it can warm you up when you’re cold and can cool you down when you feel hot. It simply makes miracles in your body. With the proper ingredients it can help you relax and sleep better after a stressful day. I personally love hot tea at night because it can unwind me perfectly. But what is it in tea which can relax the mind? A lot of people also love the process of making tea. The boiling water, the mixture of pleasant aromas, the slow tasting of every sip can be a relaxing ritual. Although tea’s ability to relax the body is more scientific that the joy of the ceremony. There is an amino acid in tea called theanin which is a well-known for its tranquilizing and relaxing effects because it increases the number of inhibitory neurotransmitters and controls the levels of serotonin and dopamine. This balances our mood in order to feel good. So the tea effect is not placebo, a cup of tea can truly help you feel better!

Would you let me recommend a super tea?

PraanTEA is a new tea conception. It goes beyond the its own power because the main idea of the elaboration was to multiply stamina. The beneficial effects health maintaining ingredients of tea – mostly polyphenols are scientifically proven but tea can be a source of other health promoting substances too. Whether you believe it or not, the most effective way of ingesting them into the human body is that instead of adding the bioactive substances directly to the tea, we add them by using some natural tea flavouring nutrients which is why PraanTEA is a product uses yoghurt, honey powder, algae and real fruits in its blends. What do you think it can do? Have a try. The drink of gods. Spice up your tea collection with a brand new conception and enjoy the effects!