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Top autumn eco-cleaning tips for your home

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The changing of the seasons means one thing for most of us: the season of cleaning. While cleaning your home might not be your favorite activity, it's an activity that has to be done.

You can't allow your home to get dirty or cluttered. Not only a dirty home make you feel less relaxed, but it can be a potential danger for your health. Here are a few eco home cleaning tips to help you through the autumn season!

There are many eco-friendly house cleaners on the market today. Many of them use natural ingredients that effectively remove dirt. Besides, they do not damage the surface like other detergents. Therefore, it is worth using them for autumn cleaning!

Lemon – effectively helps to clean the oven

If the oven does not look very good after many bakes, you should use ordinary water and lemon juice to clean it. All you need to do is pour the water into an ovenproof dish and squeeze the lemon juice into it. Put this mixture in a dirty oven and heat it up. Once the water evaporates, the dried-on stains will be easy to remove. Besides, the inside of the oven will not only be clean, but also smell like lemon.

Vinegar – removes sediment and bacteria

Vinegar is very effective in cleaning various surfaces, it can be used especially in the bathroom or for cleaning floors in the kitchen. It has antibacterial and disinfecting properties. You need to mix a small amount of vinegar with water. You have to remember not to pour too much of it! Otherwise, the cleaned surface will have a sharp and unpleasant smell for some time.

Baking soda – removes coffee stains and dried fat

Soda combined with a small amount of water can create a powerful substance that easily removes dried-on stains. It can also remove coffee or tea stains in cups.

Ecological replacements

If you are looking for a way to clean the house without using chemical detergents, then this article is for you! Using natural ingredients in the autumn cleaning is a good step. It is also worth trying detergents created 100% naturally, the effectiveness is identical!