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Welding Apparel - What to choose?

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Welding Apparel Welding Apparel

If you work as a welder, you have a big problem - how to find something lightweight and comfortable which would still provide decent protection.

 It is clear that what lasts the longest is the typical welding work clothes, leggings, and split aprons, but my God, there is no one who can take it because you sweat like a chicken, is that there are no work clothes to weld cooler?

The problem is that fire is very difficult to deal with. There are Kevlar welding jacket on the market (such as firefighters' uniforms ) that have flame retardant properties, as well as anti-cuts. But they are very expensive, and we do not solve the problem of heat.

The best option is to buy 100% cotton workwear to weld, as it is cooler as it is a natural fiber, and cotton is a fiber that takes longer to burn in the fire than polyester. You can combine cotton pants with a short-sleeved shirt for summer, which in 90% of cases are 100% cotton.

Another alternative is to purchase a fire retardant welding jacket. These clothes are usually expensive, made of 100% cotton, and have a flame retardant treatment to prevent the garment from burning. It depends on the price, we can buy fireproof work clothes that last for different washes, but be careful, it must be washed, because if it is not done, it loses its properties, I say this because there are people who believe that not washing it will never last a lifetime and it is the opposite, it breaks before.

fire retardant welding jacket

fire retardant welding jacket

The latest novelty is the permanent flame retardant welding workwear that the fabric is certified with a duration of the garment's useful life, until you throw away the clothes, it will work for you.

We must not forget the welding gloves and safety shoes for welding, which usually have a buckle or velcro. The welder's gloves are usually split, good fat, which makes them very bulky and with no touch, but we have materials such as kevlar again that besides being anti-cut is fireproof. There are also very technical welding gloves that, although they are very high in price, have a high flame retardant coefficient and are water resistant, apart from being super light.

Don't cuff or roll up your apparel. Sparks can become caught in pockets, rolled-up jackets, or pants. Your clothing should be made of long-lasting stuff, like wool, leather, or dense cotton. We also advise wearing a welding apron, or welding jacket for extra protection.

welding apron

welding apron

You must be trained in the correct use of work clothes for welders, always choosing well what you need to carry out a specific activity is essential when wanting to be protected. Otherwise, if you select clothing that is not suitable as per the event, protection may not be sufficient. Your physical integrity may be in danger.

Finally, do not neglect the view that I think is the most important thing, the best is a good screen for welding, it can be handheld or electronic, whatever we prefer and depending on the work to be done.

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