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Mechanical Engineering - More and More Demanded by Today’s Society

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Lineo delivers high-quality mechanical engineering services Lineo delivers high-quality mechanical engineering services unplash

Mechanical engineering involves operations such as designing, building and testing new products, processes and systems.

Professionals in this domain make use of a holistic engineering knowledge and apply problem solving abilities, to provide support for a wide range of sectors.

As some of us already know, mechanical engineering is probably one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines. Professionals use a wide range of theory and skills, including engineering science and practical skills such as project management and computer programming. These activities are often performed in modern, well-equipped environments that includes up-to-date laboratories, tools and computing hardware and software.

The services that companies offer through mechanical engineering can include:

  • Designing or building of products and systems
  • Testing 
  • Electronics 
  • Project management
  • Computer programming
  • Engineering design
  • Collaborative design
  • Feasibility studies
  • Industrialization 

Lineo Engineering - end-to-end product development services for mechanical & hardware engineering with all in-house design, R&D and rapid prototyping

Since 2017, Lineo delivers high-quality mechanical engineering services and focuses on finding solutions by actively engaging our customers and branch influencers in our business.

Provided services 

  1. Feasibility studies 

Feasibility studies based on a theoretical approach considering requirements, technology, development costs, investments, risks and time.

2. CAD and drawings

Advanced CAD modeling and manufacturing drawing creation using CATIA & SolidWorks and managing large assembles using Skeleton technique.

3. Prototyping 

Ability to create prototype using varios techniques: 3D printing (FDM, SLS, SLA, etc.); Silicone molds; Soft molds; CNC milling; Assemblies; Testing and DOE.

4. Industrialization 

  • Development activities to bring concept in serial production: 
  • Tolerance and engineering calculations 
  • Technical specifications and DFMEA 
  • Supplier sourcing and design for manufacturing 
  • Fine tunings and qualification 
  • Supplier management ​

What makes LINEO different from other agencies?

  • The company has a large multicultural experience, knowledge of different markets, and understanding of different types of partners, having worked with clients of different sizes (from start-ups to multinationals) in different transnational contexts (European, American, Asian).
  • Another important asset of the company is we can provide expertise throughout the entire product development process. But most importantly, we can take over very incipient ideas of our clients and work together with them to structure the requirements and create the proof of concept.
  • The ability to provide agile development loops for product development projects becomes also a big advantage for our clients.