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How do you use a hoverboard correctly?

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self balancing scooter self balancing scooter

A hoverboard is a new form of urban transport that has delighted the world for several years.


his technological jewel remains at the top of the best individual transport, especially among the youngest. We can see how it has already conquered the streets and alleys of the parks, used by people of all ages.

For you to fully enjoy and use yours properly, I will share some secrets with you.

Unlike Segway’s, the hoverboard has no handlebars. It is a mobile platform that allows the hands and the rest of the body to be completely free.

This electric board consists of a platform and two wheels. Now there are several types of interesting models to choose from. A hoverboard is not bulky, can be put in a backpack or bag, and can be easily carried.

A self balancing scooter  is not difficult to control, you just have to balance your weight with your feet. Using a hoverboard is very intuitive and can be learned after a few minutes of training. The advantage of many models is that it has gyroscopic sensors. These small electronic elements can lift the weight changes to adjust the direction of the board according to your choice.

Respect for the environment, the highly durable Samsung cell battery, make this device a technological gem. Also, there are now more and more models available online

How to use a hoverboard correctly?

Going on a hoverboard is a very simple gesture. However, you need to start learning easily. First, place one of your legs on one end of the board. Then climb slightly with the other leg and try to keep your balance as much as possible. It is best not to bend during this time.

Remember that every change in your weight on the board is captured directly by the gyroscopic sensors and can cause the hoverboard to move. This is also how you change direction. It's easy to move with a hoverboard.

If you want to move forward, you just have to bend down a little, this way your weight will be concentrated in this direction. According to this position, the electric plate will advance. When you want to stop, you will have to press on the heel. This way, your entire weight will be directed back and the hoverboard will follow this command.

If you want to change the direction to the left or to the right, then you should leave more on one of the legs (right or left), depending on the chosen direction. To get off the hoverboard you just have to put one of your feet back.

Some safety tips

According to a study conducted in 2016, more than 1,300 people were involved in a fall or accident with a hoverboard.

To avoid accidents, there are some safety recommendations that you need to follow.

  • Wear a helmet. You can never be careful enough, you should always wear a safety helmet when using this type of device.
  • Wear protection for knees and elbows. These are especially recommended for beginners. Remember that during the first tests when you learn to ride a hoverboard there can occur falls and accidents. So be careful!
  • Beginner support. Especially for parents who have bought a hoverboard for their child, I must recommend that they be around. Even if this platform is very fun, you must always be present when your child learns to move, at least for the first time. Falls and accidents can always happen, so you need to help them drive this device correctly, possibly adding a hover seat.
  • Control your speed. Compared to other types of individual means of transport, Hoverboard has the ability to reach a speed of up to 18 km / h. However, it maintains a constant speed depending on your level of skill. If you like extreme sports, then train and gradually increase your speed.
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