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The Advantages of Wood As A Building Material

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Wood is both a common as well as a historical option for the construction of the building. But there has been a move away from wood in favor of metal or other engineered products.


But to change the direction of construction sector towards sustainable development, it is important to look after next generations’ needs. To obtain this goal, wood and its derivate products are the most appropriate material.

It is not only an ecological material but also brings other excellent qualities, including durability, high resistance, versatility, and more. So you can say that the advantages of wood as a building material still overshadow other products on the market.

This makes wooden buildings like insulating log cabins one of the best references of the construction and habitats

Why Wood Is A Good Building Material?

Now let’s discuss the key features of wood that make it a perfect building material are.

  1. Tensile strength

Wood is a relatively lightweight building material. It even outperforms steel when it comes to breaking length.

It has the ability to support its own weight, which allows offering large spaces and necessary supports in building designs.

Its tensile strength makes it one of the best options for the construction of buildings over other materials.

  1. Electrical And Heat Resistant

The electrical conductivity of wood exemplifies its resistance to the route of electrical current. It completely depends on wood species, temperature, humidity as well as the grain of the wood.

Dry wood has electrical conductivity, which is negligible that allows you to use it as an insulating material. When dried to standard moisture content (MC) levels, wood contains a natural resistance to electrical conduction.

It usually ranges between 7%-12% for most wood species. In addition, its strength, as well as dimensions, is also not significantly affected by heat. Further, it provides stability to the final construction of the building.

  1. Sound Absorption

The acoustic properties of wood make it an ideal option for the construction of log cabins. This property helps to minimize echo in living as well as office spaces.

This property of wood to resonate amplifies sound without any distortion tones.  In this way, it helps to significantly diminish the noise levels for additional comfort.

  1. Aesthetics And Individual Style

Wood is an aesthetic material that makes it a decorative element. Every tree produces wood that features a unique color, design, as well as smell.

With the wide range of species available in wood, it presents an incredible range of aesthetic options. Further, it provides different mechanical and thermal properties that you can select as per the requirement of the building project.

Moreover, you can use its natural color and can also paint it to match your style and preference. Also, varnishing and waxing it to raise its aesthetic beauty is also another great affordable option.

Final Words

All in all, wood has some “built-in” advantages when selecting a material with both environmental as well as aesthetic appeal. And with the right care and moisture content, it can retain all its properties for generations.

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