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Observation puzzles Observation puzzles bananapanda

Children from an early age are interested in the world around them step by step gaining experience in performing various activities necessary in everyday life.

Certainly in the growing up and education of children a very important role are various educational toys through which the child develops himself and his skills. One of the most popular toys dedicated to toddlers are puzzles.

Observation puzzles

They are most often a kind of board in the middle of which individual elements are put together to form a beautiful image / illustration presenting different situations. There are many such types of puzzles on the market and depending on the type, they may depict life in a particular society, dinosaurs, cars or space. All this so that the child, after arranging the whole picture by himself, educates himself in the direction of the given topic. The board and the picture allows for educational play with the child, who will be able to describe the situations happening in the picture. Creating sentences - shorter or longer following the instructions available on the board frame allows to develop the child's skills and make him/her better adaptable to the surrounding society.

Observation puzzles are adapted to the age of children allowing to adjust the level of difficulty to the level of development of toddlers. In this way, puzzles can be fun for a whole childhood educating the child more and more. In general, the range of difficulty is within the limits of 3-6 years and 6+. Puzzles are always aesthetically pleasing with attention to detail, so that the child has no problem with matching the individual pieces of the puzzle.


Observation puzzles are a great solution for children by building in them better perceptiveness and concentration. Thanks to them a child can develop faster sometimes slightly ahead of their peers. In addition, such puzzles can be a very good way to spend free time of children occupying them for a long time.

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