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How the Automotive Industry Implements the Software-Defined Vehicle Concept

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According to experts, the future of the automotive industry belongs to these vehicle manufacturers which will be successful in acquiring the best software development skills, building an innovative automotive software development process, and delivering software-defined vehicles to end-users.


How do automotive companies approach the change? The shift for auto manufacturers focused on performance, automotive supply chain optimization, hardware, and design toward automotive software is changing everything. The automotive industry needs engineering teams proficient in software platforms, software architecture, software complexity, software components, electrical and electronic architecture, and vehicle software development automation. While building in-house expertise is crucial for the success of future vehicles, the automotive industry also relies on consulting companies experienced in developing vehicle software.

Software-defined partnerships

The automotive industry is becoming software-centric and software-defined. The road to being excellent in delivering advanced software applications and software systems is rocky and often encourages automotive companies to collaborate with external partners. Consulting and automotive industry software development companies like Grape Up empower the biggest automotive brands to build software-defined vehicles and compete with innovative startups that are trying to disrupt the vehicle domains.

Experts in building new era vehicle software required by most OEMs and car manufacturers to deliver software-defined vehicles to their customers, help automotive teams transform their organizations. Grape Up consultants provide a broad range of experience in automotive cloud technologies, various software platforms, modular software components, connected services, over-the-air updates, and gradual transformation within the company.

Why software-defined vehicles are must-haves

The entire automotive industry is focused on proving that they know how to bring software-defined vehicles to the streets. Why SDV is so crucial? The whole revolution started once Tesla delivered its first cars. Well-known for providing electric vehicles and developing automated driving solutions, Tesla is also a pioneer in building software-defined vehicles.

SDV means that the vehicle is designed and built with software in mind. Applications, an operating system, in-vehicle entertainment, vehicle functions, and vehicle features are no longer an option and additional gadgets for technology freaks. While making buying decisions, customers compare vehicles and dive into their software, apps supporting functional safety, access to digital content and infotainment, connectivity (if a car is fully integrated with other vehicles and the global network and infrastructure - if it works as an IoT device), user-friendly navigation services, automated driving solutions, and if automotive software can be continuously upgraded.

Seamless development and software-defined opportunities

Software-defined vehicles require automotive companies to invest in the transformation of their enterprises but are also the driving forces of the revolution allowing for unlocking new business models, monetizing additional revenue streams, and building new sales channels for the future.

New capabilities of computing power, investing beyond hardware solutions, and adoption of software development practices allow automotive enterprises to leverage the benefits of tailored customer experience, exchange data, and constantly provide new features (with over-the-air updates). The next generation of software-defined vehicles is no longer seen as a threat but as a promise for innovative teams open to search for new business models.

Automotive software development services

Software-driven transformation in the automotive industry wouldn't have happened without advanced software development services provided by innovative companies that tackle multiple business challenges and provide software solutions that change customer life. The process of implementing the best software delivery practices is determined by automotive safety requirements, hardware capabilities, cloud technology development, computing power possibilities, access to new software platforms, and many more factors building the ecosystem.

To provide the automotive industry with the best solutions, new features, and innovative functions, Grape Up collaborates directly with the customer's engineering teams and product owners. Determining a perfect software platform (including an open technology platform), building apps for a chosen operating system, or even providing the proper software code obligates an external team to get to know company goals, infrastructure (both cloud technologies and vehicle hardware capabilities), and company culture.

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