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Adblue eraser

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AdBlue Eraser AdBlue Eraser

If your car is Euro 6 compliant, you most probably already know what AdBlue is - and if not, you really should start looking into it!


Diesel exhaust fluid, often simply called AdBlue, is a substance used to reduce nitrous oxide emissions. It’s a vital part of the SCR system, which controls the exhaust to reduce the emissions of harmful substances. While it does that rather effectively, as many cars would not achieve Euro 6 without it, it’s also prone to breakdowns, generating massive costs for drivers.

But what if there was a way to disable AdBlue and avoid costly maintenance? As it turns out, there is such a way!

Can AdBlue be safely removed?

The SCR system is quite complex, with a whole range of sensors and modules. Each one of these systems can fail, resulting in a vehicle that won’t ignite. In such a case, most often a workshop visit is a must - you won’t be able to fix that by yourself. However, such visits can get extremely expensive.

Removing the AdBlue system from your SCR completely negates the need for the liquid, as well as protecting your car from being inoperable due to SCR failures. One of the easiest ways of getting rid of it is by using an AdBlue Eraser - a small electronic module plugged into the engine, which disables the NOx failure error codes which could potentially prevent you from using your car.

Depending on your vehicle, removing AdBlue can be done in a few different ways. Most often it involves reprogramming the electronic control unit, or the ECU, but might also sometimes involve hardwiring an additional electronic module.

Can I drive vehicles with an AdBlue Eraser?

While removing AdBlue is a great way of protecting your vehicle from damage, it might also be illegal in some cases. Usually, AdBlue erasers are designed for off-road vehicles, or vehicles that are meant for export outside of the European Union.

Before using an AdBlue Eraser, make sure it’s compliant with your local laws. Never drive vehicles with disabled AdBlue systems on EU roads - that’s an extremely easy way to get fined!