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How do I look after my fatty hair? The 3 Tips for Greasy Hair

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Are your hair's schedules ruled by fatty hair? You can't leave the house in the morning without washing your hair.

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Fatty Hair? Find the Causes

Many of us complain about fatty hair. Shampooing is a daily ritual without which even the busiest of mornings would be hard to imagine. If your hair really gets stale within 24 hours and needs to be shampooed again, you need to take action and look for the cause of the problem. If oily hair is accompanied by acne flare-ups, hormonal changes or skin diseases may be at the root of the problem. In this case, it is advisable to consult with a specialist, who will order the appropriate tests for you. However, if you rule out this possibility, your first reaction to excessive oiliness should be a change of skin care. You may find that all you need is the right shampoo and a few basic steps to keep your hair fresh and healthy shiny for longer

How do I care for my fatty hair?

The basis for effective care for fatty hair is the use of the right cosmetics. The right cosmetics are the ones that are right for you. Someone may find mild products for all types of hair the lifesaver. It is therefore worth using gentle products like the oatmeal shampoo Eva Simple for normal hair which soothes and accelerates the regeneration of the skin.

If, on the other hand, you feel the need for a stronger cleansing, look for products designed specifically for your hair type. Choose products enriched with natural ingredients like the Eva Simple Shampoo for oily hair with lime. The citrus extract cleanses and tones the scalp and at the same time helps to regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands.

What to do about fatty hair

The right products are not enough. The sleek look keeps gaining popularity because it is elegant, slimming and sexy. Your hair will certainly thank you for it.

Use masks and conditioners before shampooing your hair

Don't let your hair's lust for colour fool you. Your fatty hair also needs hydration and regeneration and nourishing products will not make it go greasy any faster! This is a popular myth, which, like in the case of oily skin care, discourages many of us from using moisturising cosmetics. However, not caring about the right level of moisture can have quite the opposite effect. Instead of fighting excess sebum, it can lead to an increased production of oil. To ensure that your hair and scalp are properly cared for, use rich conditioners and masks about half an hour before shampooing. This gives the active ingredients time to penetrate the tissues and does not weigh the hair down additionally. If your long and very damaged hair needs conditioning after shampooing, choose lightweight, herbal products, which you should apply below the earlobe and away from the roots

Don't Overheat Your Head

Hot and cold temperatures are bad for oily skin. Therefore, avoid wearing a turban after shampooing and always use a cool blow dryer to dry your hair. Beware of hot baths and stuffy rooms.