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Drawer Runners

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Drawer runners- Furnica Drawer runners- Furnica

Shelves, cabinets and drawers are an essential equipment of any room that we can think of. It seems like there can never be too much storage spaces in our houses! There are always things that need to be stored, hidden, organized and then easily found when needed.

One of the most convenient strorage areas must be the drawers. They are usually just the perfect size, not-too-deep, so that we do not have to dig when trying to find something and they also look good in every room! Whether you want to keep your kitchen utensils, your socks or your children's school supplies in them, they are easily one of the most needed part of furniture. Now, when we think of a perfect drawer it surely must meet some of the requirements that we have prepared for them. First of all, the drawer must be spacious, aesthetically pleasing and, last but not least, easily open and closed. A drawer that always causes trouble while opening is a complete disaster!

What product should I choose?

That is when we step in, Furnica has a wide range of excellent products, including drawer runners of course. These not-so-complicated mechanisms can really change the quality of your everyday life. Made from high-quality materials, those little, metal rails provide a smooth feel when opening the drawer. They do not make any noises and are damage-resistant. The montage of the runners is not that complicated, you just need a couple of screws, depending on what type of runners you choose, and a screwdriver or a drill; only a couple of minutes of work and you have a drawer of your dreams!

Modern drawer slides technology

Focus on products that will make your daily activities easier when choosing drawer slides. Drawers with Soft Close technology will make your living and working environment a comfortable and quiet one. The push to open mechanism ease the usage of every drawer, as it aloows the drawer to be opened gently under gentle pressure. This solution is perfect for drawers and cabinets without front handles. Drawer runners- Furnica