Thursday, 21 April 2022 17:37

Fashion Trends for summer '22

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As the summer season is fast approaching, many women are opting for summer hairstyles.


This year's summer fashion is a combination of style, comfort and a slight hint of nostalgia due to several recurring trends. This year the trends that we have not seen on the streets for many seasons will be once again popular. Ready for the summer of 2022?

Summer 2022 nostalgia

Fashion likes to comebacks, which is especially visible in this year's summer fashion trends. hip-fit pants will be particularly popular and we haven't seen them for a good decade, since the peak of this cut's popularity dates back to the years 2000-2010. We will also see revealing crop tops. This is inspired by the 2000s, as such tops have not been fashionable in recent seasons.

Speaking of comebacks and nostalgia, while discussing the trends in 2022, we can't help but mention miniskirts, which will definitely be a hit on the city streets this year. It is a fashion boomerang, of course, as such short skirts were extremely fashionable in the 1960s and made their comeback in 2005-2010.

Also suits, which so far were associated rather with the kitsch of the 90s than with modern fashion, are back in fashion. Classic suits during the summer of 2022, are refreshed versions of classic women's suits, which will add elegance and distinctive style to any outfit.

How to prepare your storefront for summer 2022

The summer season is fast approaching, so getting your display right is the way to have a successful season. As we mentioned above, the fashion of the summer season 2022 will be all about comebacks, so the best way to attract the attention of customers, is to properly adjust all the elements of styling. The best way to increase the attractiveness of the store display are properly prepared mannequins. Such mannequins must be characterized by attractive poses and an aesthetic appearance to encourage customers. A great place to buy such mannequins is the online store

When preparing your display window, in addition to trends in clothes, it is also worth taking into account the colours which will be fashionable this season elegant white and toned down orange.