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Effective ecommerce website in 2020

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Effective ecommerce website is nothing more than profitable one, where customers do shopping. It's obvious that people prefer buy from a well-designed and up-to-date site and it’s a main reason to create it in good way. 


Here are some tips. Follow them and create your own ecommerce website!

1. Create a good visual hierarchy

Locate the most important information blocks at the top of the website, because it affects on shopping flow and makes it undisturbed. You won’t sell if you don’t have a good hierarchy, because it really help users in navigate the online store. Hierarchy combined with good design gives the greatest effect. So if you think about typography and colors and you use it to show the newest or most liked products, you can expect better conversion results than without it. 

2. Add navigation, search and filtering

On the website every, even little detail should be considered. It is easier to achieve after creating a user journey map and after testing different options, because it shows you the most optimal version. Remember to keep these structure: menu, product page, cart and back. Website elements as breadcrumbs, filtering, catalog, search bar and brand logo will be really helpful for user.

3. Responsiveness

Do you know that more than 70 percent of users make a purchase by using smartphone? This parameter tends to increase, what is important information for online store owners. If you still don’t have responsive website, change it quickly and take care about your potential customers. Nobody want to use not optimized store, where all of elements are small, difficult to use and especially to make shopping.

4. High quality photos and videos

People rarely read. They rather focus on that what they see. So be sure that you added high quality photos and videos. If you don’t have that type of materials, you should change it as fast as you can. Low-quality photos damage the impression and users often think that this is a result of the owner’s negligence and then they started to search for another with better commitment.

5. Simplicity on the website

The online store and any other website should be easy to browse. The point is not to be extremely simple and boring, but also not to be too loud and not to distract users. Good design is distinguished by cleanness and minimalism, because it favor the products. Avoid placing large amounts of information and focus on specifics, even if you have a lot of interesting products. The web development company advices to choose the proven patterns, which was be tested and optimized on the other websites. To be sure, that you do it right, hold on these designing rules: a lot of white space, readable fonts and at most three colors per page. Thanks to the introduction of these rules and good hierarchy, navigation and high quality photos, the user won’t get lost and will find all the important information for him.